Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Acities? What activities?

Day in day out we all are involved in crazy activities that either make us smile, laugh, frown or cry. These are the crazy activities. Sample these photos just to wet your appetite.

Do you remember playing such games?  I remember I did and I'm proud I did. No TV, no play station, REAL GAMES. I remember taking a nice shower in a storm. We could wait for the pregnant sky to explode and with the first drops, we could rush in the open to wet our bodies to welcome a layer of soap. Soap? Yeah.... something .... kipande. As it starts to pour heavily, its time to rinse and whaaalah! Clean in a flash! - naturally. There were no colds or flu, guess because we were hardened? Just thinking.......

Can the digital children survive those times? More to come......

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